Exposing “Undercover Boss”

The Huffington Post just published an article I wrote with Kimberly Freeman Brown, who is the executive director of American Rights at Work, a great labor policy and advocacy organization. It explores TV’s #1 new show (ever noticed how every new show is somehow “TV’s #1 new show”?), Undercover Boss. When I first heard about the show, I was slightly intrigued but mostly skeptical. The premise of the show is that the head of a large corporation becomes an “average” worker, if that average worker was constantly followed by a television crew.

The show is painfully bad, but also politically bad, which is what our piece, “Undercover Boss as Undercover Advertising,” explores. If you read it and like it, perhaps leave a little note. Otherwise HuffPo has a way of completely burying a piece beneath important blogs about naked celebrities.

Huffington Post:
“Undercover Boss as Undercover Advertising”


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  1. Hi Gabriel, Currently reading your book “Working in the Shadows” Very powerful and important book. Will write a review after the read. Keep up the good work. Silence needs people like you so it can echo the truth through the corridoors of every human mind.

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