Roll Call Reviews the Book

Roll Call reviewed my book a while back. According to Wikipedia, which I’ve been relying upon more as I get increasingly lazy, the Washington, D.C.-based newspaper delivers 11,500 free copies of every issue to Congress and another 400 copies to the White House.

Thankfully, since I now had the attention of our country’s most powerful politicians (I imagine Barack Obama reading over each issue with a furrowed brow), the review was favorable. The reviewer calls the book a “fine work of immersion journalism” and concludes with the following three paragraphs:

Thompson unabashedly views his task through a liberal lens. He routinely complains about the lack of organized union support among immigrant-heavy industries, and animal cruelty concerns are ever-present during his poultry workdays. He decries workplace immigration raids and says immigrants should be offered a path to citizenship. To conclude, he calls for grass-roots support to help pass upcoming Obama administration immigration reform.

So those in favor of Democratic-led reform on the issue will find this book appealing. But even those on the other side of the debate will find this a worthy read for its insight into not simply immigrant labor, but also the psyche of the liberal case for immigration reform.

As the debate over how to solve our immigration problem ramps up perhaps this year or the next, look for “Working in the Shadows” to be cited by political types on both sides as proof positive that the United States needs comprehensive immigration reform.

I actually have never been called a “liberal” before–a term I’m not crazy about–but I like the “unabashedly” part, imaging that in this day and age an “unabashed liberal” is akin to an anarcho-syndicalist. The review in it’s entirety is available here.


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One response to “Roll Call Reviews the Book

  1. ralph hietala

    There may be opposition to immigrant reform.
    Your book has the facts. You have been there, did that, seen that, so no opponent probably can say they know the truth of the immigrants predicament as well as you do. Integrity still is relevant.

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