Off to Warm Weather

Right now in New York it’s 35 degrees but feels more like 25 according to Normally time to bundle up for the bike commute, but not today: I’m about to get on a plane to Arizona! I spoke yesterday with the woman at Dole who hired me, letting her know that I’ll be speaking in the city on Sunday and asking her to try and get in touch with some of the folks I worked with in the fields. Towards the end of the conversation she told me that the temperatures were in the 80s. Ah, Yuma…

Tonight I’ll be in Tempe, near Phoenix, at an independent bookstore called Changing Hands. Photos of the place look great, and though it’s always hard to predict whether a crowd will show, I do know that CSPAN’s Book TV will be filming. So at the very least it’ll be me and an invisible crowd of folks who spend their weekends watching TV shows about books.

The entire book tour itinerary is posted at I’ll be blogging from the road (I’ve always wanted to write, “I’ll be blogging from the road”) about the tour, so definitely check back here if you’re interested. Wish me luck!



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5 responses to “Off to Warm Weather

  1. February 19, 2010


    Have a safe trip and enjoy the many successes that your book brings your way.

    Best Wishes,
    Pamela Carvajal Drapala

  2. sylvan barnet

    A colleague and I are revising a college anthology of essays, and we would like to reprint “A Gringo in the Lettuce Fields,” your short essay based largely on the Introduction to WORKING IN THE SHADOWS.

    We have a few questions, and we will be most appreciative if you get into touch with me, either via email

    or phone
    617 864 0135

    Tank you

    Sylvan Barnet

  3. I hope you have many book signings! Enjoyed your book.

    Grace P., Librarian
    Mentor, OH

  4. I saw the BookTV program on TV today. I found your talk very interesting and informative. I have new appreciation for all the lettuce workers who toil so hard to get that lettuce in my salad bowl. When I learned about the poor heart attack chickens, it gave me new reason to be glad I don’t eat meat. Thank you for all your efforts.
    P.S. I’ve lived in Yuma since December 2001! (Arizona since 1987)

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