Salon and WNYC Interviews

The past ten days or so have been pretty non-stop, capped off with a recent trip to Mexico for a wedding (not mine). The activity has left me with very little energy to do any substantial writing for the blog–which will change starting tomorrow–but I did want to mention two new pieces that have been published.

Last week Salon ran an interview I did with their food editor, Francis Lam. Francis was a great interviewer, and I’m happy with the result. One thing that I’m learning is that a key skill of the interviewer is to edit the interview in such a way that makes the interviewee (in this case, me) sound a lot more sensible and coherent than they actually are. The Salon interview is available here: Growers and Producers

Also, yesterday I did an interview with the Leonard Lopate show at WNYC. I was on Lopate once before, for There’s No Jose Here, and I again really enjoyed the mellow atmosphere of the studio and his intriguing questions. The interview, which aired yesterday at 1 PM, can be found here: Working in the Shadows


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  1. Wednesday
    February 17, 2010

    Dear Readers,

    “Working in the Shadows” is a real eye opener and describes Gabriel Thompson’s experience working in my home town of Yuma, Arizona as a farm worker.

    After reading Thompson’s book, I finally learned how difficult it is to work as a farm worker in the fields. For years, I never questioned the process it takes to have fruits and vegetables available to me at the local grocery store.

    I commend Thompson for sharing his experiences with us and wish him many more successes with his journalism.

    Pamela Carvajal Drapala
    Artist, Poet, Writer

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