Publication Day!

Today is the official publication date for Working in the Shadows! Of course, it has been out in bookstores for two weeks now–but still exciting, nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone who came to the book release party last Thursday, and for all who spread the word about the event. The turnout was crazy, and it was great to see so many people and hear so many kind words about the quality of my guacamole. It was also nice to be able to introduce Enrique, from my first book There’s No Jose Here, and to help support the very important work that La Union is doing (for more information, you can go to

If you’re a radio listener, today NPR should be airing an interview I did for a program called Tell Me More. I usually walk out of radio interviews pretty dazed, but I do recall that both the host and the producer had read the book, which is very unusual. Marketplace, another program on NPR, should be running an interview either tomorrow or Wednesday. I’ll post the audio files once they’re online. I’m also slotted to be on a show called Morning Joe on MSNBC this week, which promises to be terrifying/intriguing.

I’ve also been really, really lucky with press from last week, much of it completely unexpected. TIME magazine reviewed Working in the Shadows, instructing people to read it (other less happy instructions could have been to “skim it” or “skip it”–receiving a “skip it” review would have definitely ruined my day). A magazine called The Week excerpted a section of the book about lettuce cutting. They called it “A Gringo in the Lettuce Fields,” which was actually one of the earlier book titles I came up with. I picked up a hard copy of the magazine at Grand Central yesterday, and learned that they also included two color photos, which look great.

Two interviews also ran, one with the Yuma Sun and another with The Indypendent, conducted by a really cool writer named Micah Williams. Since I’m too tired to do much writing at the moment (I’m worn out from obsessively checking my Amazon ranking), I thought I’d just post links to new reviews and excerpts below.

TIME Magazine reviews the book

The Week, “A Gringo in the Lettuce Fields”

Yuma Sun, “In the Fields: Writer Works Jobs Held by Immigrants”

The Indypendent, “The Value of Work”



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3 responses to “Publication Day!

  1. Melissa

    Congratulations, Gabe! Each of the reviews is terrific, and I can’t wait to get my hands on your book!

  2. As a dot-commer turned fireboat engineer who has spent the past four+ months since my book (My River Chronicles: Rediscovering America on the Hudson, Free Press) came out, talking with everyone from fourth-graders to industrial archeologists to commercial roofers about the value of hands-on work, I have to tell you that I *can’t wait* to read Working in the Shadows.

    I’d love to find ways to work together to promote what I gather is our shared mission. Please drop me line when you get a chance.

  3. Colin M

    I found your book from the snippet in The Week. Found your blog this morning when Googling for a link to the book so that I could recommend it to a friend. Just wanted to say I love the book!

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