Day Labor & South Korea

Faced with a Thursday and little desire to write something myself, here are two links to articles I’ve been reading:

Are white people starting to hang around the parking lots of Home Depot looking for work? This is one of those stories that could very well be a non-story (I noticed the reporter only speaks to one actual person who fits the profile for this “trend” piece). But who knows? An enterprising white reporter could probably go hang around Long Island day labor spots and try to get hired–were they successful, I’m sure a site like Salon would pounce on the story. Any takers?  My only other thought is that Americans are already doing day labor, gathering in the uniformly depressing offices of Labor Ready and getting shit work for shit pay.

South Korea struggles with an influx of immigrants. Pretty depressing piece, actually. But a reminder that on the day after the “World” Series was concluded by a New York team beating a Philadelphia team, the “world” of immigration is broader than what is happening in the US of A.

Tomorrow: photos!



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2 responses to “Day Labor & South Korea

  1. sweet, h0ws your back holding up. i worked with mexicans too, at the car wash. my lower back is permanently screwed.

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